7th Grade Reflection

When I first arrived in August, I expected a lot of hard work based on what my friends have told me.

But I soon realized, my friends had been beyond correct!

By October, my life was all homework and studying, all the time. I had to stay up till at least eleven o clock each night just to get by!

Eventually, I figured out that I had to manage my time better then I currently was.

In seventh grade I learned:
*How to communicate in Spanish
*How to solve equations faster in math
*Better more effective study habits


There is absolutely no better time of year then summer. When life is carefree and there is nothing to worry about.

When I can go swimming with my friends everyday without having to worry about turning in a single homework assignment of studying for a test or quiz. There is absolutely nothing better then summer!

I can wake up at anytime I want without the annoying sound of a stupid alarm clock going off every morning. I never have to worry about what to wear or how to do my hair. I can watch all the Dance Moms I could ever imagine without a single “Alissa time do your homework” or “Alissa don’t you have that test to study for?”.

There is simply not one bad thing about the carefree happiness that summer brings one a year. What’s your favorite thing about summer?

Challenge: Poems

I’m A Fan

It’s football season again
I hope my team does well this year
Football season again
I’m a fan

It’s football season again
Spread that ball across the field
Football season again
I’m a fan

Through the cold and the rain
I’ll be there at the game
A voice screaming to be heard
I’ll cry sometimes, sometimes I’ll smile
As my voice echoes through the crowd
I’m a fan, I’m a fan, I’m a fan

It’s football season again
I hope my team does well this year
Football season again
I’m a fan

It’s football season again
Tackle hard and play it fair
Football season again
I’m a fan

And at the end of the year
We’ll be dressed in the gear
As they turn to salute the crowd
And we’ll stand with pride
‘Cause they’re our side
And we’ll sing their praises loud
We’re the fans, We’re the fans, We’re the fans

Copyright Colin Coplin 2004 / 2010

I love this poem because it reminds me how I feel when football season starts. I feel like I can connect with this poem very well. It reminds me of all the great memories I have as kid at football games with my family.

Challenge Week 5

Throughout the ages of two and five there was one TV star I could never get tired of. That’s Dora the Explorer. I’m sure you’ve probably heard about her or seen her show. She did everything from make me laugh, to teach me my first words in Spanish. There was no one better then Dora. She was a great role model for many kids that were my age, and still is. I loved Dora so much. When I remember my childhood, she is many times in the memory!




My Favorite Apps

5. iTranslate: iTransalte is so helpful to me not only for Spanish homework help, but to learn new vocabulary that I sometimes wonder about. Every word in Spanish that I ever need to know is just a touch away! Also, Spanish is not the only language this app has to offer! Any language you can think of can be found on this app!

4. Pic Collage: I love using Pic Collage to put my favorite photos together to create an awesome screen saver! It’s so fun and easy to put all of my best memories together in just one place!

3. Candy Crush: Candy Crush is so fun to play when I’m board! It’s so incredibly addicting. Candy Crush is so interesting and always offers a new challenge!

2. Twitter: Twitter is so fun to visit whenever I am wondering about what my favorite celebrities are up to. Almost all celebrities have a twitter and it’s also fun to interact with your friends on twitter!

1. Netflix: Netflix is so amazing and contains almost all of my favorite shows! I always visit. Netflix when I’m board or when I’m sick and need some entertainment.

Challenge Week 2: Paddle Boarding

If you are visiting Austin in the summer, there is one thing that you have to do! That’s paddle boarding.

My favorite place to paddle board is lady bird lake. It so fun to go there and see all of the boats and people passing by! I love going there with my family and friends ever summer!

The first time I went paddle boarding, I was so scared to stand up. Once I finally did, I realized it was really easy to keep your balance! Once I got the hang of it, I went all of the time!

One of the best things about Lady Bird Lake is the location. It is right downtown! So while your paddle boarding, you get to see a beautiful view of the Austin City Skyline!

I’m can’t wait for summer so I can go paddle boarding again!

The Phantom’s Lair


As I walk though the entry way, I realize instantly the way that the room gives off a creepy, light feel. It is immaculate. It feels so empty, even though it’s not. It is clear that the residence of the room tried to make the room feel relaxing or calming, but only made it feel eerie. So eerie.

The color of the room is white. The floors are white, the walls are white, the curtains are white, even the ceiling is white! There also candles. Typically, candles give off a nice warm, cozy feel. But not here. Not when the entire floor is lined with the deep burning flames that seem to say, “watch out, I’m watching you”. Not when I am so nervous I can’t help but tremble. Not when I don’t know what’s behind each and every corner.

There may not be a person standing there, right in front of me, but you can feel a presence. Not even a human presence. I may not be able to see it with my eyes, but I know it’s there.

I can feel the cold wind blowing onto my back. I can practically feel the arms wrapping around me. I quickly turn around and stare into the distance and realize there’s no one there. I turn back around, and keep walking.

Why I dislike the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olymics are so boring and useless! The summer Olymics are so much more entertaining and so much more fun to watch! The Winter Olympics are so boring.

Let’s start with ice skating. Really? Ice Skating? Not even competitive racing but literally ballet on ice! What kind of “sport” is that!? Not only is it boring to watch but it’s also pointless.

I could go on and on all day about curling. Curling a a combination of the two most boring sports in the world. Golf and bowling. Who would watch a “sport” like that?! It’s so stupid. That’s another reason why the winter Olymics are boring.

Going to the Super Bowl


Me 3 hours before the game...

Me 3 hours before the game…

Being able to experience going to the Super Bowl was literally the best experience of my life; and considering it was on my birthday made it that much better! I know that I’ll never forget it!

Driving into the stadium was so exciting with all of the music and cameras surrounding us. When we first got there we had to make it through the intense security to finally get into the stadium. When we got there there were Super Bowl XLVIII seat cushions on everyone’s seat with stuff inside of pouches to keep us warm like gloves, hats and hand warmers. Three hours later once the game was finally about to start it got very loud!

Another thing that I loved about this was that celebrities like Macklemore and Philip Philips were constantly walking by. Seeing Bruno Mars was also amazing because he’s the best singer ever! The halftime show was go great with all of the beautiful lights changing color and moving all around the stadium.

Even though everything about this experience was amazing, the best part was the game! I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time watching my team dominate! The fact that we were in the fifth row made it that much more exciting!

Once we the game was over, confetti went everywhere! There was so much noise and the broncos fans quickly cleared out of the stadium leaving only blue and green. We watched Russel Wilson and Pete Carrol give there speeches and that was he end of the perfect trip.

My Escape From Reality

After I get home from a stressful day of school, there is only one thing that helps me destress(besides Friday of course) and that’s – music(specifically the piano and the guitar). When I open the piano and see the shiny black and white keys, I immediately feel comfort rushing through me. As I sit down in the stool and hit the first note it’s as if I’ve put the world away of a minute. Then when I’ve finished playing my favorite piano song, I pick up my guitar. As I place my fingers throughout the frets, I then stroke through the strings and hear it – the beautiful, flawless chord I’ve been waiting to hear ever science I started playing guitar – which was two weeks ago. Then after I’ve practiced so long that the only reason I’m stopping is because my fingers just simply can’t handle it anymore I move on to my headphones. I will grab my pink beats from my room sit down and my desk with my backpack and start my homework while listening to my favorite bands and artist. That’s my escape from reality. What’s yours?